4 Quick and EASY Tips On How-To Become The Person Of Your Dreams

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Quick question…

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I bet you often heard this question asked many times when you were still young from your parents and relatives.

But, have you really given that question some deep thoughts?

Different people have different dreams.

So, what’s your aspiration? Do you want to become a doctor, lawyer, pilot, or entertainer?


Would you like to be a Tom Cruise or Bill Gates?

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How To Be An Abundant Thinker

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The first step is to take a good honest look at your current and past attitudes, and assess whether your thinking has been based on abundance. If not, then you have to gauge how far away from abundant thinking you are. You should ask certain questions: Do you routinely bother evaluating how your life is faring? If so, do you accomplish what you set out to do? If you have mixed results, do you know what is working and what isn’t? Which areas need to be improved? Where does your attitude need adjusting to create a better life for yourself?

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Abundance Motivation

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A key part of abundant thinking is abundance motivation, sometimes called appreciative-assertive thinking. This is the belief that we have more than the minimum necessary to get by. It says we have more than we need, and more than we could have ever expected. It requires that you dispel any assumptions about what you will receive in life, be that from God, nature, society, parents, peers, friends, or loved ones.

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Setting Goals is a Must

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Have you ever questioned why some individuals are successful in life while other people are destined for averageness? Well a huge part of winning in life is to understand precisely what you want and taking ceaseless action toward accomplishing it.

Regrettably, most people don’t understand what they want. They appear rather clear about what they don’t want in life but they surely don’t know what they want. This is a huge lapse on their part. If you wish to win in life you have to understand precisely what you want. If you’re undefined and unsure about what you wish you’ll likely be distressed and unsuccessful in life.

For you to accomplish your goals you have to understand where you wish to go or be. At the same time you have to understand where you are at the moment. Only by recognizing these 2 all-important details, are you able to lead yourself in the correct direction. It’s the same as utilizing a map to reach a place. To set about where you wish to go, you have to understand where you are. In life you need to do the same.

Many good and industrious individuals wind up in unfulfilling lives as they don’t set goals for themselves. They let outside events prescribe the path of their lives. They respond to conditions in their life rather than masterminding conditions for their future benefit. With the bustle and fuss of daily life, they get caught up with the daily activities.

Make certain you design your future. If you fail to design, you design to fail. Don’t wake up one day and regret that life has passed by you. Goal setting is the vehicle that may metamorphose your life from an average one to a great one.

Take action today and set your goals to live a satisfying life.

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How to change your feelings of failure

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Changing feelings of failure can take some work and time of course.  Having the right attitude and working hard at it can make all the difference in the world.  Keeping a positive attitude is the best way that you can remain happy and keep failure from destroying your life.

Changing the way that you think is not always easy. It can mean that you have to change your entire outlook in life. There are some things that are not easy to take on but you have to make sure that you are working hard at keeping it all-straight.  There are many things that are going to work on our emotions and try to make us feel the pressures of failure but we have to work at not letting them ruin the way that we feel.

Feelings of failure can be something that takes over our mind and body.  Using the resources that are available to us to change the way that we live and feel can make a great difference to most of us.  Changing the way that you think is something that is going to be a great way to change the feelings of failure that you are dealing with.

Getting out and enjoying life can be a great therapy idea. Everyone needs to get out and enjoy things that make him or her happy.  This can be anything from getting out and enjoying friends or taking in a movie.  The way that we overcome feelings of failure is to find success is something else.  There are plenty of things that we can do.

Talking about feelings is another good idea.  Sitting down with someone and expressing the way that you feel is one good way to deal with failure.  There are so many different ways to use your feelings for the better and when you are looking to gain control over a situation you will want to find someone that you can trust.  You can talk to your friends that know you and understand what you are going through. This is just an idea and if you do not want to talk to friends you can use your family or counselor or help.

Keeping positive is one way to make sure that you are not letting failure take over your emotions. You need to be in control and realize that you are the only one that can make a difference in your own life.  Giving positive feedback is something that you can feel good about and use in many types of situations that you are taking on.  There are so many different ideas to getting through a difficult time.  Using your best judgments and putting yourself first is the best thing that you can do.

Put yourself out there and do not be afraid of challenges.  If you are always hiding and avoiding certain situations you are only going to add to the problems of life.  Using the rough times to make yourself stronger and to give yourself a better outlook on life is something that you can be proud of.  This will help you feel good and find the success in life with all you do that you defiantly deserve.  You can use the method of talking anytime you are feeling bad about yourself.  Remember doing something that makes you feel good about yourself can be the one thing that helps you forget about failure and move on to better things.

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How To Use Creativity To Improve Your Life

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“Are there still original ideas in the world?”
“They beat me to that bright idea; what else can I do?”
“I’ve failed many times before that I can’t think of anything else to solve this problem anymore.”

These statements reflect the thought of an individual who has given up on creativity. Sadly, a lot of people share this way of thinking. They never viewed creativity as a very useful tool to improve or improvise in life in all its diversity.

A situation that requires a solution can be approached in a variety of ways. There isn’t a single way fix to a problem. Being creative opens new horizons and can deliver many benefits. Creativity can sometimes be mistakenly interpreted as an obstinate attitude. Some people think that insisting on doing things in a different way is a sign of stubbornness.

Never hold back a good idea. Everyone is free to interpret his own unique way. Any interpretation by itself is creativity at work. A person who enjoys creative thinking can easily come up with innovative solutions for situations that require a quick fix.

For instance, your car got stalled on a deserted highway due to a leaky rubber hose on the cooling system. Tough luck! Of all places, it had to happen in the remotest places.

If you have some chewing gum in your pocket, it just might be a handy fix. Start chewing the gum and patch it on the leak. To keep the gum in place, tie it with a piece of rag. This quick fix might do the trick so you can drive several miles without an overheated engine, until you get to a service station to have the leaky hose replaced.

There used to be a television series entitled “MacGyver.” The main character is an extremely creative and crafty guy. Whenever he finds himself in a tight fix, he tries to find a way out of it with his quick fixes utilizing available materials around him.

In a way, creativity is a never-ending learning process. From learning, you gain untold benefits, which you can use in real life situations.

Being creative might require you to think out-of-the-box, venturing your mind into the uncommon. You can never be sure of your ideas until you try them. As long as there is no perceived danger involved, it is always worth a try.

Inventions are products of creative minds. The field of science, in whatever branch you may touch on, is invention itself. Without creative minds, science would have been a forlorn field of knowledge.

It must be noted that most adaptations to improve or improvise are aimed at improving current conditions. Upon analyzing honest applications of creativity, the ultimate intention is to achieve good for all and the will to build lasting peace. After all, this intention is what counts most.

Erich Fromm spelled it out clearly, “The conditions for creativity are: to be puzzled, to concentrate, to accept conflict and tension, to be born everyday, and to feel a sense of self.”

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Wherever You Are, Be There

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by Jim Rohn

One of the major reasons why we fail to find happiness or to create unique lifestyle is because we have not yet mastered the art of being.

While we are home our thoughts are still absorbed with solving the challenges we face at the office. And when we are at the office we find ourselves worrying about problems at home.

We go through the day without really listening to what others are saying to us. We may be hearing the words, but we aren’t absorbing the message.

As we go through the day we find ourselves focusing on past experiences or future possibilities. We are so involved in yesterday and tomorrow that we never even notice that today is slipping by.

We go through the day rather than getting something from the day. We are everywhere at any given moment in time except living in that moment in time.

Lifestyle is learning to be wherever you are. It is developing a unique focus on the current moment, and drawing from it all of the substance and wealth of experience and emotions that it has to offer. Lifestyle is taking time to watch a sunset. Lifestyle is listening to silence. Lifestyle is capturing each moment so that it becomes a new part of what we are and of what we are in the process of becoming. Lifestyle is not something we do; it is something we experience. And until we learn to be there, we will never master the art of living well.

To Your Success,
Jim Rohn

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