10 Steps to Being a Rich Dad

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki was a book that started a change across the world.  Being a Rich Dad is what everyone wants to be after reading that book.  So I have put together for everyone “10 Steps to Being a Rich Dad”

Having a rich-Dad mindset is about focusing on the financial aspects of abundant thinking, rather than just the psychological. This involves analyzing how you view certain pertinent financial questions, and swapping a scarcity or deficit thought for an abundant thought. Read More

Abundance Motivation

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A key part of abundant thinking is abundance motivation, sometimes called appreciative-assertive thinking. This is the belief that we have more than the minimum necessary to get by. It says we have more than we need, and more than we could have ever expected. It requires that you dispel any assumptions about what you will receive in life, be that from God, nature, society, parents, peers, friends, or loved ones.

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Choices That Make a Difference

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There is a rule or better yet a principle or a law that you can’t escape…

Choices Matter!!

If you make good choices, good things will come from it…

If you make bad choices, bad things will come from it…

The next time you have an important choice to make…. ask yourself this:”Is this decision in the best interest of not only me, but, everyone involved”

If you can answer that question with a yes then go ahead with the choice…

But if you’re not sure if the choice you are about to make is the right choice then slow down!! Why?

Because Choices Matter….Alot!!

You make choices…and soon those choices begin to shape your life!!!
That is why you must make the right choices…or face the consequences of making the wrong ones.